Russia coronavirus death toll hits daily record for fifth straight day

Russia's coronavirus deaths have risen to their highest level in five consecutive days, as it faces another COVID-19 spike.

According to The Associated Press , 697 people died from the coronavirus on Saturday and another 24,439 cases were reported. On Friday, 679 deaths were recorded daily.

Friday's Kremlin statement stated that Russia is not considering any new lockdowns, despite an increase in cases. Russia only had one lockdown in the beginning of last year, which lasted for six weeks.

The country is now requiring vaccinations in certain industries, such as retail, government offices, and education.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, said that those who do not get the coronavirus vaccination will likely have limited employment options.

"Discrimination will eventually set in, because it is a fact of life. People who aren't immune to the flu or have no vaccinations will not be allowed to work anywhere. It's impossible. It will be a danger to those around it," Peskov stated late last month.

Before this week's record-breaking death toll, the mandate for vaccines was in place.

Russia has reported nearly 5.6 million cases of coronavirus and over 137,000 deaths.


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