Biden: ‘We will respond’ if Russia is at fault for massive holiday cyberattack

President Joe Biden stated that his initial thoughts were that Russia wasn't responsible for the attack.

President Biden warned Vladimir Putin, Russian President, that the US would react if Friday's massive cyberattack on at most 200 businesses was a result of Motherland.

Biden stated Saturday that he wasn't sure who it was because he bought three King Orchards fruit pies and a bag of cherry sodas. To help him figure it out, he pulled out a piece of paper from his jacket pocket.

Biden said that his initial thought was that it wasn’t the Russian government.

Last month, President Joe Biden met with Vladimir Putin in Switzerland.

"But, if Russia is in, I told Putin that I would respond," he said, referring to the summit of two leaders held in Geneva, Switzerland, last month.

Biden said that he hadn't spoken to the Russian president since being informed about the ransomware attack. Cyber-security firm Huntress Labs attributed the attack to the Russia-linked REvil ransomware group.

Biden visited Michigan as part a tour to mark the end of pandemic restrictions, and to promote his administration’s economic freedom plans.

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